Mothers are Special ! Unique Gift ideas for her this Mothers Day!!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it means that a lot of loving sons and daughters are searching for a handcrafted artisan gift for Mom. After all, she’s a central person in your family so it only makes sense that you want to show her just how much you care by getting her the perfect gift. But what makes a gift “perfect”? We’re here to help with our exclusive and stunning silver holy basil gift that will make her see just how important she is to your home.

What is the significance of holy basil aka tulsi?

As you may already know, holy basil is a staple in the home of anyone who follows traditional Indian culture. This special plant, also referred to as tulsi is one that has been popular since the anxiety texts. Holy basil is thought to bring its owner closer to all things divine and to keep them focused on a positive, spiritual-oriented life.

As well, tulsi is thought to offer favor and preference to those who are wearing it or to those who have it in their home. It brings the owner under the protection of Hanuman. In hard times such as these, having this extra protection can be of great comfort to Mom and all others in the home as well.

Finally, holy basil is going to promote longevity and internal happiness to all those who have in it close by. In times where it feels as though we are all living in fear and worry, having extra support for joy and positivity is certainly a great idea.

How we put holy basil into a gift

We understanding the significance and support that tulsi can make, which is why we at Sparklez Box taken the time to create a silver holy basil gift that is going to be a heartfelt and unique Mother’s Day gift that she’ll never see coming — in a good way! The cultural and spiritual significance of tulsi is represented in intricate, fine form in a base of sterling silver that will be everlasting in your home. This gift is a representation of tulsi made specifically to spread its everlasting positivity and protection to every household in need, and it’s also a gorgeous piece of decor that will suit any and every space.

Why sterling silver holy basil makes a great gift for Mom

Plated in gold and featuring the leaves with green minakari on them as well as the widely used medicinal berries, this beautiful, handcrafted artisan gift for Mom is rooted in a wooden base and protected with a display case so that it can spread its protection and positivity without any harm coming to it. With this unique Mother’s Day gift you will be able to give her — and the household — all of the following things by bringing this silver holy basil into your home:

Comfort and peace: These are uncertain times and having tulsi in your home brings comfort into it to offer peace in all of its rooms as well as the home’s occupants.

Protection from harm: Tulsi also will offer protection from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm, This makes it a powerful representation of strength for the home to use if needed.

Longevity and happiness: We can all use happiness as well as longevity. This silver holy basil will offer it up in an eternal form that Mom can put in the center of her home.

A unique Mother’s Day gift is one that offers up love, peace, happiness, and protection. This silver tulsi does all of those things and more, making the just the thing to get your Mom.

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